Eiffel Tower in Paris
Seal your love under the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Are you feeling stuck at home due to the pandemic? One fabulous
way to bring an instant smile to your pretty face is by reminiscing
vacation moments taken with your loved ones, done solo or with your
classmates. How about you just think of your favourite travel
destination and turn it into a fabulous painting. Simply, log on to
www.paintbynumbers.com.au to get your special painting kit for
adults and also kids. We know with some help; you can turn into a
local Picasso yourself.


If you are a passionate traveller then count yourself as one amongst
the majority of Australians. To most in this segment, discovering a
new terrain is considered simply exhilarating. Indeed, humans crave
for what they may not have at the moment. Be it new experiences or
meeting new people or witnessing a celebrated landmark in an
overseas city such as Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Taj Mahal in
Agra, India, a Gondola ride in Venice or even a trip to the Lord of the
Rings jungles in New Zealand. Travel lets us tap into that craving.
Our mind opens up to this refreshing feeling of becoming an explorer.
Now, imagine immortalising this feeling into a fine work of art.
Landmarks for long have been depicted in paintings by famous
painters. Now is your chance to join their ranks and enjoy the process
too. We can help you to get started.
If you are particularly drawn toward imagining yourself at the kissing
spot near the Eiffel Tower in Paris then here’s some trivia you will
love to know about before you open that painting kit to depict the
same. Poet Hemingway used to famously call Paris “A moveable
feast”. Do you know why, that’s because the city can leave a flavour
or has a tendency to linger in your mind long after you have
departed from that city. If you have been there or have seen the city in
the films, you will see that there are numerous things there to see,
hear, taste, or feel. It is an ideal emotion to paint a live memory by
painters and artists.
If you have been yearning to visit India to take your soulmate along
on a trip to witness the Monument of Love – the Taj Mahal in Agra
or have been there already, then a painting kit for adults, especially
available online on www.paintbynumber.com.au is just apt to be ordered right-away. The reason why couples like to visit the Taj
Mahal at least once in their lifetime is due to the story of the Mughal
Emperor Shah Jahan who build this monument to show his wife
Noor Jahan of the depth of his love for her. The ruler was kept in
exile and wished to see his wife from his window. The two royal
chambers are still intact and beautifully maintained till today in India.

Monument of Love
The Taj Mahal in Agra city of India

No trip to the Taj Mahal is complete without getting a personalized
souvenir from the local shops of Agra (the city where the monument
is located) in India. Many visitors get their pictures clicked in front of
this monument. This historic structure can now be brought into your
home with a painting that you can create. The Paint by Numbers
Witness the Monument of Love – The Taj Mahal in India. Order your painting kit for adults from http://paintbynumbers.com.au/shop/cities-paint-by-numbers-kits/taj-mahal-in-india/

Painting kit has all the necessary material already as part of its
packaging along with paints, brushes, instructions and frame etc.
There are many more destinations and cities that you can create a
painting of including some bestsellers – The Venetian gondola ride or
Monet’s Garden, Boat ride under the Sakura in Japan, Cinque
Terre in Italy, Hong Kong by the Sea, Sunflower field in Tuscany,
Colours of Fall in Canada and many more.
Many Australians say that trying local food or the traditional attire or
taking part in a sporting activity remains their highlight moment of a
trip. Have you tried spicy Thai street food or even asking for
directions in Madrid in Spanish? Have you gone scuba diving in the
coral dive spots in the Great Barrier Reef or ever thought of how
hiking the Inca Trail will actually turn out to be in Machu Picchu?
Each of these moments are bound to make you return home with the
best souvenir – memories, local goodies and perhaps a picture of you
posing by the landmarks, isn’t this fascinating?


A research study titled Motivation, Participation, and Preference: A
Multi-Segmentation Approach of the Australian Nature Travel
Market by authors Cheng-Te Lang & Joseph T. O’leary on
tandfonline.com revealed some interesting observations.
The purpose of this study was to develop a typology of nature
travellers based on their motivations, activity participation, and
destination preferences. These were ‘Physical Challenge Seekers,’
‘Family Vacationers,’ ‘Culture & Entertainment Seekers,’ ‘Nature
Tourists,’ ‘Escape & Relax Vacationers,’ and ‘Indifferent Travellers’.

Another study titled: How do Australians choose holiday
destinations and experiences? for Modelling consumer choice,
Sustainable Tourism – CRC, authored by Harmen Oppewal, Twan
Huybers, Geoffrey I. Crouch with an objective to compare how
different segments of Australian tourism consumers from three different metropolitan areas (Melbourne, Perth, Sydney) respond to
domestic and overseas holiday travel opportunities brought out
many interesting facts forward. The statistics revealed key findings
wherein when given the opportunity to travel (in this case, by way of
a travel voucher), respondents had a preference for overseas
destinations rather than domestic destinations. Of the eight travel
destinations (plus a ninth ‘home destination’ option) modelled in this
research, New Zealand was consistently the most popular destination.
Margaret River was the most popular regional destination (for
travellers from Melbourne or Sydney).
Many travellers love to hit the spa or health retreats and thus
relaxation was one of the most popular choices. For travellers from
Melbourne and Sydney, this was followed by a nature experience
while among the Perth sample ‘entertainment’ was the more
popular choice.


During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown or even otherwise, you
may be feeling as if you are stuck in a rut. Perhaps deep in your heart,
you are yearning for an exciting new moment to unfurl and take your
mind into a new path. If this is your state of mind, then try to pick art,
craft or painting. It’s exceptionally calming and refreshing as well.
The biggest advantage being you can connect your zest for travel
with a new-found love for painting. Push yourself out of the comfort
zone and log onto www.paintbynumbers.com.au for some instant
inspiration. We bet; you will love it from the first click.
Once you begin to understand the amazing journey of colours, you
will also discover how resourceful your travel stories have been in
depiction. You’ll feel a great sense of achievement when you finish
painting your favourite cities from your trips successfully. You will
surely realise how flexible, capable and confident you have become.

Experts, academicians and researchers believe that culturally
Australians have always had a strong bent toward ‘Learning’.
Everyone loves to experience a safe, new and popular skill or gain
knowledge. When we travel, we turn into explorers and discoverers
of new aspects in new lands.
Indeed, much like a painter or an artist who can find inspiration in a
destination or a person or a landmark monument or even a river,
you too can do or be just the same. Once you associate happy
memories or profound emotions with a certain place or terrain, you
will find that as an artist, your work is often bringing the same image
up. You will find your muse in cities and cafes, restaurants and
markets, skiing paths and local trails. History has it that many artists
romanticise their vision of a favourite spot in a city garden or a
market and get inextricably connected with these. Interestingly, this
story of connection also makes the painter and his painting much
more popular.


Hong Kong
The city of Hong Kong by night looks amazing

As per a report published in SBS News: While other countries are
reopening their borders to international travel, Australians remain
confined to travelling within their own country.
While other countries are reopening their borders to international
visitors, Health Minister Greg Hunt dashed the hopes of would-be
globe trotters, suggesting Australia’s border would remain closed
for a “very significant” amount of time.
It’s now been over three months since Australia imposed the travel
ban, barring citizens and permanent residents from leaving the
country. But in a sign that the tough border restrictions may be
easing, some international students were set to return to Canberra in
July. SBS News site asked – So will outbound travel be allowed to
restart soon after? Mr Hunt attributed curbs on international travel as
one of the main reasons Australia was successful in containing the
spread of Covid-19.
David Beirman, senior lecturer in tourism at the University of
Technology Sydney, predicts the trans-Tasman bubble could start
about September, and expects wider international travel to start
taking place in the first half of 2021.
So, till the real travel begins in safer days ahead (post pandemic), we
suggest you choose your favourite destination in the Cities section
online, grab your painting kit and just paint the town red on a canvas.