It’s never too late to attend to your own sense of self-esteem. Personal well-being should indeed be your highest priority, starting today. Here are top 5 reasons why some ‘me-time’ can do magic for you with hobby ideas that are easy, affordable and trendy. Read along… 

We all know that it makes good sense to be occupied with habits that usher positivity and happiness. And yet, we procrastinate and whine about the rigmarole of a mundane lifestyle. Day after day and months after months, monotony of the same cyclic pace of life with uninteresting chores can get dragging and also seem never-ending. If this thought resonates with you right now, then you are not alone. 

Many women and also men, right from their 20s till 70s feel stuck in the rut of a mundane lifestyle. While they wish to make a change soon, that set day never comes by. Worst aspect of this behaviour is that it can potentially result in a down-spiral effect on your cheerfulness and innovativeness. It can also lower your sense of self-worth. These are red flags or markers of mental depression that can sheepishly set in and gradually worsen physical health too. We are here to give you some research-backed facts to break away from this shackle. Good news is that the key to your happiness lies right with you and is well within your own reach. 

You can stop yet another boring day from dragging right now. Simply, hit reset and start anew. In the sections below, you will find some handy tips on how to select the easiest hobby for yourself and how you can make the most of its uplifting benefits. There’s also some sound advice by life coaches and psychologists on ways to innovate, taking the first step to explore some new hobby ideas.


It is statistically proven that four out of five Australians have found the treasure trove of wellness in simple hobbies, especially during the lockdown days (Covid-19 precautionary social measures). A hobby effectively gave them an instant dose of happiness. These creative activities potentially helped in lowering stress levels and sporadic feelings of isolation too. In fact, it is proven that a short session of creative activity can significantly improve overall mental well-being. The feeling of child-like joy does not last just during the activity session, it spills over your entire day. Amazing isn’t it!


Have you ever wondered how easily kids tend to make friends? How effortlessly they begin to learn a new game together. They may not be great at any new sport right when they start but that doesn’t stop them for trying. In fact, it pushes a child to pick up exactly where he fell and begin again. A child seeks joy in the journey of learning the activity, she/he does not have his/her eyes set on any prize on winning or in exceptionally mastering the game. Finding some friendly, easy-to-learn hobby ideas is precisely all about the joy of learning and not fretting to fail or to learn it perfectly at the first go. 

Hobbies can usher a certain good vibe or heightened sense of enthusiasm in our brain. It also makes sense in the acceptance that it is all right to fail. A hobby is just an easy, non-judgemental activity and there is no pressure to get it right. Wouldn’t it be just great if all sections of our life would be similarly planned, just like a hobby. When you pursue hobby ideas, you start to enjoy the learning part and gradually begin to enjoy the improvising part. Succeeding in getting it right just seems like a small end result of the hobby activity session. So, what’s the rush. Isn’t this pace the perfect way to feel joy in small things. Think about it.


Every child would confess that it is ‘play-time’ that is the most favourite part of their day. As we grow up and turn into adults, the ‘play-time’ begins to shrink. The joy-giving part of the day begins to shorten and we put more and more time in doing adult chores to run the house, office, take care of families, kids, parents and pets. Slowly, the ‘play-time’ becomes minimal and so does the essential feeling of being joyful. 

According to a recent study, engaging in any creative session outdoors or indoors including painting, song-writing, blogging, article writing, playing a musical instrument, singing, gardening, knitting or sketching can lead to higher emotional wellbeing. Individuals who nurtured a hobby exuded greater levels of happiness and enthusiasm. Almost everyone around a hobby enthusiast found a significant vibe of friendliness. We all want this, isn’t it? The study also indicated a direct upward-spiral of wellbeing with whoever began to pursue a hobby right from the day they took it up. 

Creative attitude brought about a refreshing change in their mannerism with others. In fact, this creative spark ushered a positive mindset. It is indeed amazing to know how a hobby activity could attain such a light-hearted feeling in a person who was earlier burdened with daily chores and constantly wished for a change.


It is essential that you make note of what truly interests you. A hobby idea that is engaging wherein you tend to forget your day’s worries and feel a rush while pursuing it can be ideal. An activity that makes you feel rested and calms your nerves is also a great bet. Passive activities such as watching television can be avoided, simply turn your outlook towards creating a new passion. 

Sometimes, what connects you to nature works the best. With greenery all around, fresh boost of oxygen in the air, feel of wet mud in your hands amidst the lively chirpings of birds can be immensely invigorating. If you are able to visualise yourself amidst the greens, then gardening is perfect for you. Try potting flowers and ornamental creepers in the front porch, balcony or veranda or vegetable saplings in your small kitchen back-garden.  

If colours inspire you then get a canvas, paint box and brushes, aisle and apron to get started. There are ready-made painting kits available online that can be a sure fix to get started without worrying about brush numbers and paint tubes etc. 

Let nature inspire you and you can represent it in your painting. It will add a double benefit of greenery all around you for some fresh air. As your hands would move deftly, your mind will feel energised with the splash of colours – You will certainly love the feeling of creating a picture on your canvas. Don’t stop there. Each day, take out your paint box kit, aisle and get started after your day’s chores are done with. You will be surprised with the sudden speed with which you are able to complete your house chores (that took you so long previously). This sense of achievement will give a boost to adrenaline and dopamine in your body. Happiness is a guaranteed response to these hormones in your body. 

At home, keep a drawing book and continue to draw each day on a new page. Try sketching yourself. Go ahead and make your own pictorial lockdown diary. Just innovate!

Some psychologists say that challenging our brains is another great way to set newness in our routines. Try to pursue hobby ideas that are actually in contrast with what you already know well. Don’t master a known skill, challenge yourself to try a completely new arena. If you are good with number crunching and Maths then pick the learning of a language you are fascinated about. Try French or Spanish or Sanskrit or Mandarin

It is so much about channelizing your ‘inner child’. Don’t feel the pressure of outsmarting everyone else. Plan your own pace. You can also enrol with a group for collective hobby classes such as painting together with an instructor or with online painting kits with instructions. Many women prefer doing up their homes by learning about interior designing or trying flower decorations. A sharp sense of visuals can be honed through photography. If you have kids, learn a hobby with them such as jewellery making, embroidery, drawing portraits and sceneries or even pottery. Try multiple hobbies or just one, and see what really catches your fancy. Keep dabbling with new ideas and seek inspiration.


  1. Reduced stress levels and diminishing signs of depression
  2. Optimum work-life balance with greater enthusiasm 
  3. Better attitude toward tackling challenging situations 
  4. Greater attention toward self-grooming with a genuine smile
  5. A relaxed mind with an agile body

The success rate of people who have picked up a hobby to feel happier has been a complete 95-100 per cent. Surprisingly, even life coaches share the same maxim to feel good about yourself. Having a hobby or a new activity to indulge in, which involves a plan beyond your daily tasks can truly give a sense of joy. This mindset can draw you closer to your loved ones too. You will easily make new friends once you begin to exchange notes about your new interests

Everyone loves a happy person who exudes a gentle touch of confidence and inspires them to start a new chapter. Once a hobby clicks well with you, your own success story to achieve happiness and stave off depression will stand as a shining example for others to follow. Before you know it, you will be a hero in your own eyes. And all it took to reach here would be giving your hobby ideas a real chance. Try it!